Podcast featuring KAD Thomas Park Clement

Thomas Park Clement is the founder and CEO of Mectra Laboratories, a company he started in his attic in 1988. He is a successful inventor of medical devices and holds 41 patents. Thomas was born during the Korean War, as the son of an American military man and a Korean woman. He was abandoned when he was about four and a half years old, and lived on the street for about two years until he was taken to an orphanage, where he was eventually adopted by an American family and moved to the U.S. A biracial war orphan who was once considered “stupid,” he grew up to become a very successful inventor, entrepreneur, and a philanthropist, and achieved his childhood dream along the way. His story is about love and hope, and the resilient human spirit that serves as an inspiration for so many people.

Thomas was recently featured on Celina Lee’s podcast Live Your Dream. The episode, entitled “How to rise above life’s challenges and live a happy and fulfilling life” is available to stream on iTunes now! Click here to listen. (Look for Thomas’ podcast, dated August 15, 2018!)