Volunteer with us!

Interested in supporting the SF Bay Area Korean Adoptee community? AKASF is an all-volunteer run organization that is driven by the dedication and passion of its community members.


The board positions include: President, Treasurer, and General Board Members. Over the past few years, AKASF board members and volunteers have helped to

1) Create diverse events for the local adoptee community:

  • Dinner and happy hour meet ups
  • Adoptee discussion groups
  • Adoptees without citizenship workshop
  • Korean cooking class
  • Learning Korean language info session
  • Film screenings

2) Collaborate, participate with, and promote local organizations who support the adoptee and/or the Korean American community:

  • IKAA International Gatherings (International Korean Adoptee Associations)
  • SF Chuseok Celebration (Korea Center)
  • An Orphan for You conference (Me&Korea, Mu Films)

The basic Board requirements include:

  • Monthly planning calls (quarterly in-person meetings)
  • Ownership of at least one event or contribution to organization operations
  • Minimum one year of service (at least 5 hrs per month)

If you don’t have the capacity to fulfill a volunteer board role and are interested in volunteering, please reach out to discuss.


  • Newsletter (Mailchimp) Manager – content planning, distributing a monthly email newsletter
  • AKASF Instagram Manager – content planning, design, and posting
  • Fundraising Coordinator – help set and execute strategy fundraising strategy (nonprofit donations, grants, online campaigns, etc.)
  • AKASF Socials – planning, marketing, and executing local AKASF socials

We seek the following skills in our volunteers:

  • Event planning and coordination
  • Project management
  • Community outreach


Do you have an event idea and want to partner with AKASF? In the past we have worked with individuals and organizations to create a variety of events for the adoptee community. Depending on the type of event, we have worked together on planning, marketing, and funding. Going forward, we want to see more community-driven events!

If you are interested in volunteering or partnering to support the adoptee community, please email info@aka-sf.org.