Volunteer with us!

Interested in supporting the SF Bay Area Korean Adoptee community? AKASF is an all-volunteer run organization that is driven by the dedication and passion of its community members.


The primary board positions include: President, Treasurer, and General Board Members. In general, experience and skills involving event planning / coordination, project management, social media management, community outreach are beneficial to the organization. Over the past few years, AKASF board members and volunteers have helped to

1) Create diverse events for the local adoptee community:

  • Dinner and happy hour meet ups
  • Adoptee discussion groups
  • Adoptees Without Citizenship workshop
  • Korean cooking class
  • Learning Korean language info session
  • Film screenings

2) Collaborate, participate with, and promote local organizations who support the adoptee and/or the Korean American community:

  • IKAA International Gatherings (International Korean Adoptee Associations)
  • SF Chuseok Celebration (Korea Center)
  • An Orphan for You conference (Me&Korea, Mu Films)

3) Run internal operations and communications

  • Edit and publish email newsletter
  • Mange AKASF social media accounts (Facebook and Instagram)
  • Represent AKASF in on-going collaboration efforts with the International Korean Adoptee Associations network
  • Manage the organization’s IT
  • Community engagement and feedback activities

The basic Board requirements include:

  • Monthly planning calls / meetings
  • Ownership of at least one event or contribution to organization operations
  • Minimum one year of service (at least 6 hrs per month)

AKASF Board encourages a learning environment, so you don’t need extensive experience to join the volunteer Board. If you don’t have the capacity to fulfill a volunteer board role and are interested in volunteering, please reach out to discuss.


  • Treasurer – oversee financial affairs of the organization, helping to manage and track revenue and expenses throughout the year
  • Fundraising Coordinator – help set and execute strategy fundraising strategy (nonprofit donations, grants, online campaigns, etc.)


Do you have an event idea and want to partner with AKASF? In the past we have worked with individuals and organizations to create a variety of events for the adoptee community. Depending on the type of event, we have worked together on planning, marketing, and funding. Going forward, we want to see more community-driven events!

If you are interested in volunteering or partnering to support the adoptee community, please email info@aka-sf.org.