Upcoming Events

🍜 Meetup at Daly City H-Mart | Sunday, July 18th @ 12:00pm PST
Where: Daly City H Mart

Let’s check out the new H Mart in Daly City and get some snacks, chat and eat at the food court! This event will mostly be inside, other than waiting in line outside to get in. The wait time can vary and be busy, but we figure it’s better to wait in line with friendsĀ 😉.

🌉🚍🌃 Bay to LA

When: September 24, 2021 – September 26, 2021

We’re officially kicking off our Bay to LA trip. We’ll be meeting up with our friends in the AKA-So Cal group for dinner, drinks and a screening of Blue Bayou (and more dinner and more drinks!).

The official signup sheet and general itinerary is here. We hope you will be able to join!




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