Christy Zaragoza (Co-President) – She/Her 

Christy Zaragoza joined the board in 2021. She joined the board to be able to contribute to the community and create a space for adoptees to have for themselves. She is interested in hanging out with her dog, doing ceramics, trying new foods, seeing new places and going for long walks at GGP. She hopes to see AKA-SF continue to be a vibrant and safe community for KADS in the greater Bay Area.


Emily Shewmaker (Co-President) – She/Her

Emily Shewmaker joined the AKASF Board in 2022. Growing up in rural East Texas, she didn’t have many opportunities to engage with or be part of adoptee communities/conversations. When moving to the greater San Francisco Bay Area, the warmth of the AKASF community offered her the solace, space, and connections to dive deeper into her identity and Korean heritage. She hopes to address issues around diversity, equity, and inclusion while also creating meaningful spaces where others who may feel a sense of isolation can feel that they belong.


Ryan Overton – He/Him

Ryan joined the Board in 2018 to help grow the community and help with and create events. Ryan’s passions are traveling, trying new whiskies and wine, collecting sneakers, sports, and spending time with family. He hopes to see AKA-SF continue to grow and evolve and be a resource for the Korean Adoptee community in the greater SF/Bay Area and beyond.


Ashley Hegge – She/Her

Ashley Hegge joined AKASF Board in 2019 and is excited to be a part of the KAD community at a local level. She wanted to learn more about who she was while helping and connecting with others. She hopes to see AKASF become a resource to those wanting to connect more with their culture, learn more about their Korean roots, and other issues that surround adoptees.


Mia Krolikoski – She/Her

Mia Krolikoski joined the AKASF Board in 2023. She joined AKASF after the pandemic to find a place to belong and after only one year, this community became her second family. She joined the AKASF Board to form genuine connections with other adoptees, to learn more about fellow adoptee experiences, and to determine how being an adoptee fits into her overall identity. She hopes to see AKASF continue to be a positive, inclusive safe space for adoptees in the Bay Area.


Kim Langworthy – She/Her 

Joining the Board in 2022, Kim Langworthy started her adoptee journey just two years prior when she began actively thinking about and taking control of her narrative and how it shaped her identity. As part of the “first wave” of international Korean adoptees, Kim doesn’t want anyone else feeling alone as she did for many years. She deeply understands the positive impact that the adoptee community has made on her and she hopes to promote a community with meaningful connections that are compassionate, inclusive, and fun. She admires the common experiences that link us and also celebrates the differences and uniqueness that each person brings to the table. She loves offering support to those navigating what it means to be a Korean American Adoptee – whatever that may look like for each individual.