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Virtual Soju Talks
When: Friday, August 20th at 6pm

Bring your beverages and chat with other KADS in this virtual happy hour.


Pasta Party
Where: The Great Impasta – 318 Sycamore Valley Rd West, Danville, CA 94526
When: Saturday, September 4th at 2pm

Come join us and support a KAD owned business by eating pasta at The Great Impasta in Danville. We hope to see you there!

The Korean Center presents the 3rd annual Chuseok Festival
When: September 18th 10:ooam-4:30pm PDT
Where:Presidio of San Francisco – Main Post Lawn

The Festival celebrates the rich cultural diversity of the Bay Area by offering a place for all of us to come together around our shared passion for all things Korean and showcasing Korean traditions, music, arts, cuisine, and community.

Register for your free ticket here

🌉🚍🌃 Bay to LA
When: September 24, 2021 – September 26, 2021

We’re officially kicking off our Bay to LA trip. We’ll be meeting up with our friends in the AKA-So Cal group for dinner, drinks and a screening of Blue Bayou (and more dinner and more drinks!).

The official signup sheet and general itinerary is here. We hope you will be able to join!

As we finalize headcount, registration for this event will close 8/15. If you sign up after 8/15 you will be responsible for securing your own transportation and accommodations for the event.

🍜 Meetup at Daly City H-Mart | Sunday, July 18th @ 12:00pm PST
Where: Daly City H Mart

Let’s check out the new H Mart in Daly City and get some snacks, chat and eat at the food court! This event will mostly be inside, other than waiting in line outside to get in. The wait time can vary and be busy, but we figure it’s better to wait in line with friends 😉.


Where: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89118759372
(click this link at the time of the event)

Bring your favorite beverages and chat with other KADS in this virtual happy hour. We’ll be joining with our friends down south in San Diego for some California fun ☀️🌴
Also since this is virtual – this event is open to all!! Hope to see you there 💃🏻


Where: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85698788803
(click this link at the time of the event)

Join us on Sunday, May 23rd at 2:30pm PST to chat with Korean Adoptee and Clinical Therapist, Josh Heitzmann about how to find the right mental health professional for you. We’ll be going over what to look for, what questions to ask and how to get started!


Who: Adoptees
When: Saturday May 1st | 2PM
Where: Zoom

A fun and safe community supported space discussing Asian American and Adoptee related content.
This month we will connect, discuss and share their experiences and feelings around recent rise in attacks against Asians and standing against Asian hate crimes.

🍾 Soju Talks 🍾

Who: Adoptees, Family members, friends
When: Friday April 16th | 6:30pm PST
Where: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87243516171

Kick back and join us for another round of virtual Soju Talks. Bring your favorite soju, alcoholic beverage, korean beverage, or even water as we talk about anything you would like to share with fellow Korean Adoptee

🗣 Virtual Town Hall 🗣 

When: Saturday, Feb 6th @ 12pm PST
Facebook: Event link
Where: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84384820156?pwd=WXhwUUNvdzliS2lLS1MvZHFWbWR0UT09

Calling all KADs in the Bay Area: we want to hear from you! Come meet your new 2021 AKA-SF Board Members in this Virtual Town Hall. We’ll be sharing upcoming events planned for the year as well as getting feedback and ideas from you for future events and content you’d like to see.

🇰🇷✈️Return to the Motherland ✈️🇰🇷| Discussion Group

Who: Adoptees
When: Saturday, February 13th  | 2:30pm PST
Where: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81935475655

Feeling home sick for Korea? These shelter in place orders and quarantine have got us feeling landlocked, but we don’t have to do it alone. Come chat with other Adoptees missing the homeland or wanting to go to Korea in this Discussion Group.

🍾 Soju Talks 🍾

Who: Adoptees, Family members, friends
When: Friday February 26th | 6:30pm PST
Where: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81935475655

Kick back and join us for another round of virtual Soju Talks. Bring your favorite soju, alcoholic beverage, korean beverage, or even water as we talk about anything you would like to share with fellow Korean Adoptees!



Date: 11 October 2020 | 4pm – 5pm PT
Description: Celebrate the final day of the Chuseok Festival with professional chef Brett Gabby as he demonstrates how to make his unique kimchi cocktail & a Korean-inspired canapé — squash & Asian pear fritter with perilla honey mustard. Cheers to everyone!

Brett received his culinary degree at the International Culinary Center in New York City, graduating top of his class. He worked under talented restaurant chefs in Manhattan before moving to the private sector, where he has since cooked for high-profile clients in NYC and the Bay Area for the last 10 years. Brett was born in Korea and raised in Idaho by his adoptive family. He lived and worked in Hawaii and NYC before moving to the Bay Area and lives in Berkeley with his wife and their two boys. In his free time, he loves learning and cooking traditional and modern Korean cuisine.

Register here

Check out more events and details of this year’s Bay Area Chuseok Festival hosted by the Korea Center. https://koreancentersf.org/chuseok2020/

Virtual Potluck

Date: 18 Oct 2020 | 6pm
Who: Anyone who wants to join
Description: Join other adoptees in the group for a virtual potluck. Bring your favorite food or snack (or takeout!) and share a story behind your favorite dish. AKASF is hosting this potluck to allow adoptees to meet, connect and share a meal with those they haven’t gotten a chance to see in person. This is a great opportunity to meet and connect with other adoptees in the Bay Area community.

Zoom Link: link

Getting Reel with Deann Borshay Liem

Center for Asian American Media (CAAM) invites you to our next member event Getting Reel with Deann Borshay Liem on Saturday, September 12, 2020. This program is part of a year-long series of events celebrating CAAM’s 40th anniversary. As we reflect on CAAM’s impact to date and into the future, we are honored to present this conversation between CAAM Executive Director Stephen Gong and acclaimed filmmaker Deann Borshay Liem. Purchase your ticket here.

Deann’s work has focused on advancing more authentic representation in public media through supporting and sharing the untold stories of underrepresented communities. As a filmmaker, community leader, and our former executive director (1993-1996), she lends a unique perspective from which we can examine CAAM’s legacy and impact on the future of Asian American storytelling

This is your chance to learn more about Deann’s portfolio of groundbreaking documentaries and valuable insights on how her work has deeply affected the community. In addition to the conversation, all participants will receive a link to watch several of Deann Borshay Liem’s documentaries for a limited time. This also marks the 20th anniversary of the Emmy Award-nominated documentary, First Person Plural, which follows the story of an 8-year old girl who is adopted by an American family, only to discover years later that she has a birth family in Korea. The film explores themes of race, identity, assimilation, and birth family reunion.

Anti-Racism: An Actionable Framework for Thoughtful Allyship from Korean Adoptees

Who: Open to all adoptees
Date: 13 September 2020 | 2pm PT

AKASF will also be hosting a virtual workshop discussing tools and resources for anti-racism specific to Asian Americans with a
focus on how this relates to our experience as Korean adoptees. We’ll begin with one small exercise as a group including an open discussion allowing us to share our own narratives, personal feelings and stories. Through the use of the Asian American Racial Justice Toolkit, we’ll begin with breaking down the many constructs of American society such as identity, power and oppression and race. We hope you’ll join us to discuss how best we can integrate our own experiences as Korean adoptees as part of this model and look forward to having meaningful conversations with all of you. If you would like to support our efforts in this area, please reach out to us directly via Facebook Messenger or email us at info@aka-sf.org and we will be happy to discuss collaboration on resources, virtual events, etc.

Join us on Zoom: link

Parents Forum (virtual)

Who: All adoptee parents
Date: 09 August 2020 | 2pm – 3:30pm

Brett Gabby will be facilitating an online forum for adoptee parents. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted the lives of many. AKASF is hosting this forum to allow parents to share experiences, questions, and advice. This is a great opportunity to meet and connect with other adoptee parents in the Bay Area community.

Registration: link

April Discussion Group (virtual)

Date: Sunday, April 19, 2020, 1:00pm-2:30pm
Location: Online Zoom Video call – link to come!

In these strange times of the COVID-19 pandemic, shelter-in-place orders, and all the ripple effects, let’s get together (virtually), to discuss topics including, but not limited to: social vs. physical distancing and isolation from activity groups. Currently open to AKASF members.

AKA-SF March Dinner

Date: Saturday, March 14, 2020, 7-8:30pm
Location: Daol Tofu, 4301 Telegraph Ave., Oakland, CA | Map it!

AKA-SF members, spouses, and families, come join us for dinner together on Saturday, March 14th at 7:00 pm at Daol Tofu & Korean BBQ in Oakland. We will be meeting to share company, laughs and good food together. Hope to see you there!

“An Orphan for You”: The Rise of Korean Adoption in the 70s and 80s

Date: February, 22-23, 2020
Location: Berkeley (David Browser Center) and Oakland (Oakland Asian Cultural Center)

In cooperation with Mu Films, Asian American and Asian Diaspora Studies (U.C. Berkeley), and the Oakland Asian Cultural Center, Me & Korea is pleased to announce it will co-host “An Orphan for You”: The Rise of Korean Adoption in the 1970s and 80s, a free conference in Berkeley and Oakland, CA. The conference will take place over two days, from February 22-23, 2020.This conference will explore how Korean adoption, which began primarily as a rescue operation for mixed race children immediately following the Korean War, radically expanded in the 1970s and 80s. The goal is to shed light on the powerful economic, social and cultural forces that led to children being separated from their birth families and relinquished for adoption by families in the West. For more information, visit the event page.

Cost: Free to attend; optional lunch add-on

Korean Knotted Bracelets Workshop & Opening Reception

Date: January 31, 2020 (reception); February 1, 2020 (workshop)
Location: International Art Museum of America, 1023 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94103 | Map it!

Join artist Kumjoo Ahn and experience bojagi, the art of Korean wrapping cloth, hand embroidering and knotting jewelry, at the International Art Museum of American in SF. An opening reception for her exhibit will be held on January 31 from 5-8 pm. Then, on February 1 from 10am-12pm, sign up to attend a 90 minute workshop where you can learn bojagi and leave with your very own Korean knot bracelet.

More Info: Maedeup, the traditional Korean knot, developed into a distinctive decorative art and practical use through its long history. It was used in not only fashion, household and ritual items but also court ceremonies, the lives of the common people. It was also used to adorn musical instruments, fans, dresses, flags and palanquins. Today, knots are widely used as modern ornaments in accessories and for art.

Cost: Reception is free to attend; workshop is $35 per person, which includes all materials


Geographies of Kinship World Premier

Korean Food Meet-ups

Volunteering at the Chuseok Festival

AKASF at IKAA Seoul Gathering

Holiday Dinner & Showcase