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Feature on KAD (and farmer!) Kristyn Leach

Local San Franciscans may be familiar with the restaurants Namu Gaji, Namu Street Food, and Namu Stonepot, but were you familiar with Namu Farm? Located in Winters, California, the farm grows a large amount of the produce used at the restaurant, including unique Korean veggie varieties. Namu Farm’s lead farmer is Kristyn Leach, a Korean adoptee from Long Island. Great…

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Our Homeland is Each Other

Have you ever listened to NPR’s Code Switch? It’s a podcast focused on race and identity, and as their About page says, their journalists are “fascinated by the overlapping themes of race, ethnicity and culture, how they play out in our lives and communities, and how all of this is shifting.” This past week, the latest Code Switch episode focused…

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Omma Poom, Korea’s first dedication to adoptees

It was a beautiful day in Paju City, when the opening ceremony and dedication for the Omma Poom Park commenced. Local city and government officials were on hand to observe and present several awards, including recognition of Me and Korea founder Minyoung Kim for her vision, dedication and work for the park project, as well as local adoptee Lowell-Rojon’s father, for…

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