Bay to LA schedule of events and FAQ

We are so excited for the Bay to LA trip and hope you are as well. We can’t wait to see you all this weekend!
AKASF has reviewed recent information about the issues and conversation around the film Blue Bayou.
We do not condone the exploitation of adoptee stories or experiences for any reasons, and will no longer be promoting the film at our upcoming Bay to LA event.
AKASF supports adoptees without citizenship and wants to bring attention to the Adoptee Citizenship Act (ACA). This legislation is intended to provide citizenship for adoptees without citizenship, and we encourage you to sign this letter of support and contact your representatives to pass the ACA.
We invite our Bay to LA attendees to a discussion about the issues and complexity surrounding the film at Oakobing (outdoors) in Koreatown at 3pm. We will be issuing refunds for anyone who has submitted payment for a movie ticket.
If you plan on attending the dinner on Saturday evening, please submit payment to the AKASF Paypal account. We will have limited capacity so please make sure to reserve your spot! 
Note: if you are purchasing for multiple people, please add a note and submit a payment for ‘other’ and the amount (i.e. 2 people for movie and dinner would be $93)
Have questions on the schedule and itinerary? Where to park? We have you covered in our FAQ.
If you have any other questions please feel free to reach out to Look forward to seeing you all this weekend. Safe travels!