Our AKASF Merch has officially made it’s debut! AKASF has partnered with Bonfire as a registered non-profit to help fundraise. A portion of each purchase made will help AKASF continue to create spaces for adoptees to connect. You can purchase your merch via the following link:


Sending a special thanks to AKASF members, Michael Jessup and Amanda Lecher, who created these beautiful designs!

“The word “people” (saram) and the word “love” (sarang) are written the same except that saram 사람 with a □ and sarang 사랑 with a ○. Sometimes our edges are so sharp we need help to sand them down. In my case, I needed a whole community. A community that walked the same journey as me, yet In their own shoes. 사랑 represents the people 사람 who softened the edges around my heart and gave me a sense of belonging, connectedness, and sarang 사랑.”  ~ Michael Jessup