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AKA-SF Stance on Racial Justice

AKA-SF stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement acknowledging the long and arduous history that has enslaved Black Americans. We recognize that not being racist isn’t enough and that we must go further to be anti-racist. Understanding our own constructs of proximity to the white community challenges us and creates opportunities to learn, as well as unlearn, our…

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Connection and Community in the Time of COVID-19

On April 19th, AKA-SF held a virtual discussion group for local KADs to discuss social vs. physical distancing, isolation, and how these experiences intersect with being transnational adoptees. In the COVID-19 public health crisis of 2020, safely coming together in a virtual space was a way to connect and collectively discuss ways to cope. SOCIAL VS. PHYSICAL DISTANCING On the…

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COVID-19 Resources and Information

In such a strange and unprecedented time, we’re thinking of our AKA-SF family. To help you and your loved ones navigate the pandemic, we’ve put together a list of resources and information.* If you have any resources to add, feel free to leave them in the comments! And of course, forward this post on to your networks or anyone you…

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